Freiston Shore

Freiston Shore is a tidal saltmarsh, which encompasses the habitats of Saline lagoons and wet grassland.

Freiston Shore has one of the UK’s largest managed realignment projects, in which the RSPB has worked with the Environment agency to convert 66 hectares of coastal farmland into tidal saltmarsh. It was designed to benefit many birds, including nesting redshanks, and will help compensate for the loss of tidal habitats elsewhere in England. The Wash remains the most important estuary for waterbirds in the UK.

Now that the area is tidal, the saltmarsh has naturally regenerated, creating valuable wildlife habitat and increasing the level of flood protection for the surrounding areas.

Freiston Shore Boston UK
The Freiston Shore Boston UK

Freiston Shore itself protects 683 hectares of saltmarsh and mudflats. This habitat benefits wintering, passage and nesting birds. A saline lagoon has also been created. This rare habitat is specifically for the benefit of breeding waterbirds, especially Avocets and Ringed Plovers.

There are 72 hectares of wet grassland for the befit of breeding waders and waterfowl. A reservoir and sluices were installed to contain and control water levels on the fields.

At Frieston Shore you can get excellent views of waterbirds on the saline lagoon, particularly at high tide, when wading birds roost, often in their thousands. The saltmarsh is good for watching hunting birds of pretty, while eiders and re-breasted mergansers and other diving ducks can be seen offshore during winter and thousands of dark bellied brent geese and wideons can be seen on the wet grasslands.

Distance from The Carpenters Arms Hotel: By Car: 20 Min Drive – On Foot: 1 Hr 45 Min

Freiston Shore - Boston UK