Bubblecar Museum Boston

Bubblecar Museum Boston

Bubblecar Museum

The Bubblecar Museum
Clover Farm,
Main Rd, Langrick,
Boston, Lincolnshire, PE22 7AW,
United Kingdom
01205 280037

The term ‘Microcar’ means literally a car under 700cc, although most are much smaller. Microcars, or bubble cars as they are more usually known, are a significant part of English motoring history. Lots of small manufacturers in the fifties and sixties were busily making strange little cars all over Britain and the continent. Prominent English makers were Bond, run by Laurie Bond of Lancashire, who produced deeply strange ‘mini cars’.

Berkeley’s of Biggleswade made amazing vehicles. Others include the Meadows Frisky, the Peel, Reliant, AC Petite and Scootacar. There is even a bubble car maker at Hull in Yorkshire where Alan Evans produced the Bamby one-seater car (we have one of these) and went into limited production. These cars and their European counterparts of Messerschmitt, Isetta, Vespa, Heinkel and many more have a huge following, but in England, at least, no centre for enthusiasts. The Museum is designed to remedy this with a collection of over fifty of these tiny cars, and want to be able to display them and preserve the rarer ones.

The museum also has a wealth of data, both technical and published, and the whole collection is open for people to see. The site has plenty of parking and disabled access and has a paddock to host rallies. Adjacent to the property is an excellent cafe; serving homemade food and delicious cakes. A perfect way to end a wonderful time looking at the wonderful cars, bikes and memorabilia from a bygone age. Admission charges are a micro £4 for adults and £1 for children.

Distance from The Carpenters Arms Hotel:
By Car: 16 Minute Drive
On Foot: 2 Hr 7 Minute

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